On-Demand: TSANZSRS Education Hub 2022

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You can now watch The TSANZSRS Education Hub 2022 on demand.  

The TSANZSRS Education Hub delivered a range of clinical and research sessions featuring three short courses, including Occupational Lung DiseaseComplex Asthma Across the Lifespan, and ANZSRS Physiology

In addition to this there were various half-day postgraduate workshops and breakfast sessions covering Interstitial Lung Disease, Pleural Diseases, Paediatric Respiratory Conditions, Research Skills, Tobacco Cessation Treatment, Women in Respiratory Health, and Laboratory Accreditation Training updates. All of the sessions are listed below.

ANZSRS Short Course

  • Guidance on performing pulmonary function tests during COVID-19
  • ATS/ERS PFT standards: Contemporary approaches to a 200-year old test
  • ABG, altitude simulation testing, and CoHB
  • Reducing the noise: New standards for FOT and static lung volumes

Breakfast Sessions

  • Women in respiratory medicine: Life and leadership – a career perspective
  • COVID-19 physiology / long COVID-19 lung function outcomes

Research Skills Workshops

  • The inspiration station for your next publication
  • Decant the slant to enchant reviewers of your grant

Complex Asthma Across the Lifespan Short Course

  • Asthma in early life and beyond
  • The fundamentals: Management of complex asthma from paediatrics to adults
  • Risk factors and comorbidities: The management of complex asthma from paediatrics to adults
  • Complex asthma - continuity of care

Interstitial Lung Disease Workshops

  • ILD overview and classification - case studies and mock ILD MDT
  • Progressive pulmonary fibrosis and ILD management

Lab Accreditation Update

  • TSANZ laboratory standards
  • TSANZ laboratory accreditation program overview

Occupational Lung Disease Short Course

  • Introduction to occupational lung disease
  • Changes in workplace respiratory surveillance in Australia
  • Case vignettes
  • Hot topics: The usual suspects and the surprise suspects
  • Lucky to work outdoors
  • Biological hazards from working indoors

Paediatric Workshops

  • Invasive pneumococcus, respiratory genetics and NMD
  • Bronchiectasis guideline update, paediatric COVID, CFTR modulators and virtual care models

Pleural Procedures Workshops

  • Pleural procedures - risks and complications, use of tPA-Dnase, ultrasound and imaging
  • Pneumothorax, mesothelioma and thoracoscopy

Tobacco Cessation Skills

  • Background and important populations
  • Cessation


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