On-Demand: ASM Post-Graduate Courses - ILD: 2023 Updates for Clinicians and Investigators

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You can now watch the Post-Graduate Courses from the 2023 ASM On-Demand. 

Workshop: Interstitial Lung Disease: 2023 Updates for Clinicians and Investigators

This full day course will provide attendees updates and information on:

A) Recent advances in the diagnosis of interstitial lung disease

B) A multidisciplinary approach for the management of patients with interstitial lung disease

C) Practical considerations of telehealth in clinical care of interstitial lung disease 

D) Resources for consumer support and access to clinical trials and research interstitial lung disease 

This course will be broadly relevant to all involved in patient care and research of interstitial lung disease, which will be delivered through didactics and panel discussions. 

Part A - Chair: Yet Khor 

Introduction and Patient Talk – Yet Khor

Imaging in ILD – approach and new concepts - Sam McCormack

Tissue biopsy in ILD – what’s new? - Lauren Troy

ILA – screening for early disease? - Yuben Moodley

Unclassifiable ILD – what to do? – Yet Khor


Part B - Chair: Adrienne Edwards

Treatment of ILD – where are we now? Lutz Beckert

CTD-ILD treatment – what’s new?  Adelle Jee


Part C - Chairs: Leona Dowman, Nikola Ncube

Advances in non-pharmacological care of ILD - Mariana Hoffman

How has patient care changed since the COVID-19 pandemic? - Margaret Wilsher

Multidisciplinary care and the importance of the ILD nurse specialist - Donna Thomson

Setting up a multidisciplinary ILD service – what is important? - Alan Teoh

Home monitoring in ILD – what’s available? - Ian Glaspole


Part D - Chairs: Lauren Troy, Rob Sheehy, Ian Glaspole, Margaret Wilsher

Biomarkers in ILD – how far have we come? - Justin Oldham

What is the future for ILD treatment? - Steve Mutsaers


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