On-Demand: ASM Post-Graduate Courses - Research Skills Workshop

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You can now watch the Post-Graduate Courses from the 2023 ASM On-Demand. 

Workshop: Research Skills Workshop 

This half-day workshop will specifically focus on research perspectives across the career path, funding research in partnership with philanthropic organisations and industry, building sustainable collaborations and engaging with communities to build shared research priorities.  An impressive line of up session chairs and speakers will present and take part in interactive panel sessions throughout this workshop with topics to be discussed including a perspective of research across the career, funding and sustaining research with philanthropy and industry, how to network and build multidisciplinary collaborations, and developing shared research agendas with the community.

Perspective of Research Across the Career

Chair: Bruce Thompson

Introduction – Narelle Cox

Perspectives of an early-career researcher - Leona Dowman

Perspectives of a mid-career researcher - Gabrielle McCallum

Perspectives of a senior researcher - Jane Bourke

Perspectives of a senior researcher - Fraser Brims

Funding and Sustaining Research with philanthropy and industry

Chair: Gary Anderson

Partnering with Philanthropy – Mark Brooke

Partnering with Industry - Gus Maghzal

Research Skills - How to network and build multidisciplinary collaborations

Chair: Narelle Cox

Where to start? How to go about establishing a collaborative team/group – Vanessa McDonald

Navigating competing interests for the common good - Andre Schultz

Successful strategies to maximise impact of collaborative engagement - William Levack

Engaging research students and early career researchers in collaborative networks to build their careers - Phil Hansbro


Developing shared research agendas with the community    

Chair: Cass Byrnes

Perspectives from Asthma Australia on the development of the National asthma research agenda – Anthony Flynn

Perspectives on partnering with First Nations communities for meaningful engagement in culturally safe research - Elissa Elvidge


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