On-Demand: ASM Post-Graduate Courses -Screening for Lung Cancer

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You can now watch the Post-Graduate Courses from the 2023 ASM On-Demand. 

Workshop: Screening for Lung Cancer 

CT screening for lung cancer – the tide is changing as many jurisdictions are now considering or implementing CT screening for at risk individuals.  This succinct PG course will discuss the key issues in this transition period until broader uptake of low dose CT screening, to enable attendees to better understand the nuances of the data and potential implementation issues for Australia and New Zealand. This is a half-day course. 

Evidence Review

Chair: Kwun Fong

Overview of screening - Paul Dawkins

Harms of Lung Cancer screening - Renee Manser

What is the optimal enrolment strategy for CT screening invitation? - Emily Stone

How best to select individuals for screening – Fraser Brims

Optimal CT screening parameters – Fraser Brims

How to manage screen detected nodules – Emily Stone

CAD, AI and Radiomics, MEVIS CAD Live Demo - Henry Marshall

Implementation Science

Chairs: Kwun Fong, Henry Marshall

Are incidental findings on CT screening of clinical importance? - Renee Manser

Smoking cessation - Henry Marshall

Implementation Issues Aus – Kwun Fong

Implementation Issues NZ – Sue Crengle

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