On-Demand: ASM Postgraduate Workshops: Postgraduate Workshops: Soft Skills, Communications and Leadership Workshop

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Part 1: Communicating with Impact
The first section will be titled “Communicating with Impact”, and will teach participants both mass and targeted communication skills and tactics, and how to engage with governments and media.

Chair: Jodie Wrigley

Speakers: Dr David Cunnington, Michael Cooney

Part 2:  Purposeful Healthcare Leadership – Effective Strategies for Improved Outcomes
 Join us for an interactive and dynamic 90-minute session tailored for thoracic health professionals seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities. Led by Danielle Duell, a renowned expert in purposeful leadership, this session goes beyond traditional approaches. Delve into some of the unique challenges of leadership within the respiratory and sleep medicine fields, explore the distinctions between management and leadership in a medical context, and uncover the transformative power of purposeful leadership. Engage in interactive discussions, real-world case studies, and practical exercises to elevate your leadership skills. Walk away with actionable insights to make an immediate impact in your role as a leader.

Speaker: Danielle Duell

Sponsored by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers


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